The Conversation…

“Lola is very good at putting the training in very practical situations and life experiences”

“The training was beneficial in opening my heart and eyes to be more transparent and loving.  I now enjoy people more”

“I was very interested in Lola as a teacher.  It was very good, I would recommend it”

“Various aspects of relationships were illuminated in such a way that honesty to oneself was unlocked”

“the relevance of this material addressed the very foundational problems that so plague the lives of people.  I needed to hear the truths and experience a new and fresh working in my heart”

“Quite frankly, I didn’t think I would learn a great deal, but I was confronted weekly with revelatory knowledge…”

“Lola has been so good at relating the truth to us, also her articulation is excellent!”

“the instructor has a lot of fun in the class and makes you feel very comfortable”