Reputation Management Courses


Netiquette:  Reputation Management for the Savvy Entrepreneur – Time:  2 ( 45 minute sessions)

  • Social Media Etiquette – Reputation and Risk Management for business professionals. Learn how to avoid unnecessary and unwarranted mistakes, issues which can become very costly & damaging to one’s professional career and social reputation.
  • Online Branding for the Savvy Entrepreneur.  Don’t allow an unintended or ill-conceived web presence to compromise your business.  The internet is where many individuals form their first impressions of business professionals. This course is designed to enable entrepreneurs to take the steps necessary to create an online profile that commands attention and is attractive to potential customers and other potential contacts.

Authenticating Your Brand Online with Social Media – Time: 45 Minutes

  • Learn how to build and expand your network online while keeping true to your vision, ideals and professional mission statement. This class uses humor and audience engagement to help participants navigate the transition from real world marketing to successful online presentations.

A New Look at the 3 ‘R’s’ – Re-Invention, Retention & Re-Invigoration – Time:  1 hour

  • This class focusses on healing and overcoming obstacles after times of turmoil. It was originally   developed to address the challenges many in the real estate industry faced following the economic downturn of 2008.  While providing historical context and examining current trends, this motivational and inspirational course focuses on moving forward in rebuilding and creating new positive dynamics for the present and future.