Relationship Marketing


Relationship Marketing – Bridging the Gap –  Time: 1  Hour

  • How do you bridge the gap between traditional methods of networking and marketing & new forms of professional communication and relationship management, areas which have recently emerged as a result of the proliferation of social media? Using interactive exercises and discussions of real world scenarios, this class provides valuable and highly practical information for those who engage clients and/or other professionals online.
  • Discussion topics include risk management, cyber security, ROI, generational market trends and strategic planning.
  • Customization to reflect the challenges faced by a specific industry are available.
  • An intermediate or advanced level of online media engagement is recommended.

The 360 Degree Wake Effect –  Time: 45 Minutes

  • This seminar explores the power of a ‘little shift’.  Relationship Marketing is covered through the power of storytelling and metaphor. The seminar is highly interactive and is suitable for all levels of online experience.