Our Mission

Our Mission to Serve Your Vision


Our Mission at Audu Real Estate is to provide Grace-Filled real estate transactions.  This requires dedication, perseverance, attention to the details, follow-through, compassion and effective communication. Grace is the daily fuel and guiding principle which we seek to receive and desire to share during our engagements within the real estate process.



Our Vision at Audu Real Estate is to ensure that our clients are well served during the real estate process.  This means that they are given a clear understanding of what to expect, are provided wise counsel about their options and supported in their decision making process with the data they need to make informed  choices.





We believe it is important to tell the truth.  When we provide information to our clients, we take the time to research the available data and utilize our professional experience to provide guidance about what needs to be done to sell or acquire a home.


We subscribe to the REALTOR Code of Ethics and the Grand Rapids Association of REALTORS  Professional Expectations Pledge (a copy of which can be accessed HERE for review).  While this informs the framework of our professional engagement, we believe that beyond this, integrity implies wholeness – a holistic approach toward living life and serving others.


Professional Competence is a value we take seriously.   As REALTORS we are required to complete Continuing Education on a yearly basis which includes Legal Updates.  In addition to this training,  our transactions are regularly reviewed for best practices as a team.  Competence means we continue to sharpen our skill sets on a daily basis and do not rest on past laurels.

Compassionate Listening

In order to understand our clients needs and how to serve them, we listen. Compassionate listening helps us to comprehend what our clients are going through during the challenges which can occur during a real estate transaction and to respond appropriately.


We believe it is important to do what we say we will do.  For us, follow-through means communicating with you to let you know what is going on and walking with you through the myriad of details necessary to take a home transaction process from start to the finish line!

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