Home Selling. Releasing Your Home for Sale

From time to time, I assist clients during a real estate transaction who are having a really difficult time leaving a home.  Sometimes, it is a home which holds a lot of precious memories.  At other times, circumstances have changed; perhaps a job transfer or loss which necessitate a move.  It is a really difficult thing to wrestle with the fact that deep down inside…you’re not really ready to leave…just yet.

Over the years, I’ve realised that there are myriads of reasons why people struggle to let go of a dwelling…even when they know they must.  One huge factor is fear for the future and the unknown.

Here are a few simple suggestions  that many of my clients have found very helpful in helping facilitate a successful transition.

Practical Solitude

iStock_000006010201XSmallSet aside some time to alone & quiet within your home…quiet your heart, be still.  Turn off the TV, listen, hear and re-live special moments.  Look, really look at your home the way you would look into the face of a dear friend.  Relish the moments that have been shared, the laughter, the tears, the good times, the bad…Listen to hear things that may still need to be resolved.  In the stillness you will hear this as well.  Take note


Express gratitude outloud.  Yes, these walls have heard a lot of things during your time within them. Why not your thanksgiving?

Thank out loud for the goodness & provision and shelter that your home has provided you.

Thank out loud for the many friends and family members who have found solace, refuge and friendship within it’s walls.

Thank out loud for the difficult lessons learned and the trials you survived.

Thank out loud that you and this home exist…many homes and people no longer do.

Thank out loud that your home will soon be transferred to new owners who will be the beneficiaries of the shelter your home has faithfully provided.

Release the Blessing of Peace

A final step is to release the blessing of peace.  I suggest that home owners go through each room while  releasing God’s peace into the space in preparation for the new owners.  This can be a wonderful time to envision the blessings that you desire for the welfare of those who will purchase the home.

Different blessings can be released for different areas.  For instance in the kitchen, you can release wholesome goodness in the food that is prepared & bless this center of life to be a place in which the family or individual experiences the joy of friendship and satisfaction. Remember we all reap what we sow.  What you are doing for others will eventually be returned in some fashion back to you.

Many have found these few simple steps to be very helpful as they prepare to move.  Even if it is not a difficult emotional transition, this process can be extraordinarily enriching.