Exploring Jenison, MI


Jension was established as a part of Georgetown Township in 1840. With a population of about 25,000 and approximately 6,000 households, the estimated median home value is around 140,000 making it an affordable place to own either a first home, or possibly a home you plan on staying for many years to come.

The school system earned local, state and national recognition as one the “Premier School Districts in Michigan.” They offer many outstanding extra- curricular programs and were identified as one of the 100 best communities in the nation for music and art.

The Community of Jenison hosts many parks.  8th Avenue park is one of the larger parks in Jenison with a public beach, walking trail around the lake, fishing areas, and a pavilion.  Residents can enjoy the beach on a sunny afternoon or get little exercise in on the scenic trail.

If you enjoy nature, Maplewood Park is the place to be.  This park also includes a large splash-pad to cool off during the hot summer afternoons, a playground, athletic field, and pavilion.

On those rainy days when all you want to do is go shopping or see a movie, the largest shopping center;  Rivertown Crossings Mall is located just outside Jenison. The shopping center will have anything you might be looking for, as well as a movie theater located conveniently in the center of the mall.

Many people certainly enjoy calling Jenison their home, and if you are looking for the benefits of small yet beautiful community Jenison may be a great fit for you!