Exploring Ada, MI


Ada, township of Kent County boasts some of West Michigan’s most beautiful homes with aesthetically appealing landscapes and small town charm. With its history dating back to 1821,  Ada Village was established by Rix Robinson when a trading post was created. The village is named after the postmaster’s first daughter Ada and has grown to be a popular place  to own a home.

With a population of around 13,000 and a growing surrounding economy,  Ada is the home of corporate headquarters Alticor with subsidiary company Amway Global. The multibillion dollar company provides employment to thousands in the area. Amway, the multilevel marketing company exclusively distributes products such as dietary supplements, Energy drinks, personal care, home care, air and water purifiers, and cosmetics. It is a secure place to start a career and could be a great fit for you!

Other than the beautiful homes and growing economy,  Ada has much more to offer. Located where the Grand River and Thornapple River connect, the village provides over 1,000 acres of parks where you can enjoy scenic trails, fishing spots, and several places to play a game of basketball, brush up on your tennis swing, or kick the soccer ball around.

When visiting the public parks of Ada you can also enjoy a walk through Ada’s landmark the covered bridge. The bridge spans 125 feet in length over the Thornapple River that connects the village to one of its public parks.