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CE Marketplace SealCE Marketplace is the Continuing Education HUB for Real Estate Professionals in the State of Michigan.  CE Marketplace has the most current, comprehensive and practical real estate education information available from instructors and sponsors.  All courses listed below have been certified by the CE Marketplace for the current education cycle and can be booked through the CE Marketplace.  This content is continually updated. Check back for upcoming courses.



Cultural Intelligence

Title:  The CQ Advantage.  Cultural Intelligence for REALTORS (C000482)

Topic: Civil Rights, Fair Housing, Industry Related Issues Credit Type:  Legal and Elective (1 Hr Legal, 1 Hr Elective)

REALTORS across the United States increasingly operate within multi-cultural business environments which are strikingly diverse. The course is designed to equip REALTORS with an understanding of how to increase their Cultural Intelligence and leverage the unique benefits which can be obtained through being culturally proficient. Students will also gain understanding of the role of Fair Housing and how awareness of the laws and REALTOR Code of Ethic are beneficial to enhancing Cultural Intelligence (CQ) and providing an exceptional level of service to people from a variety of backgrounds.


Fair Housing/Civil Rights/Cultural Intelligence

Title:  Cultural Intelligence and Fair Housing Update for Real Estate Professionals (C000747)

Topic:  Civil Rights, Fair Housing  Credit Type:  Legal & Elective (1 Hr Elective, 2 Hr Legal = 3 Hours Total)

Cultural Intelligence is a skill that is increasingly valued in the global economy. Recent academic studies indicate that Real Estate Professionals who increase their CQ (Cultural Intelligence) benefit by enhancing their sales skills and increasing their spheres of influence. The Fair Housing update will highlight recent cases of interest to the real estate and lending communities and highlight how Cultural Intelligence can mitigate risk and increase awareness and sensitivity to Fair Housing issues. The Fair Housing update segment is taught by co-instructors Lola Audu and Doretha Ardoin


Title:  Fair Housing Risk Reduction Strategies (C000791)

Topic:  Fair Housing/Civil Rights Credit Type:  Legal, Civil Rights (3Hours)

Fair Housing: Risk Reduction Strategies is designed to facilitate a clear and comprehensive understanding of Fair Housing Laws, Regulations and Ordinances for real estate agents. The coursework reviews United States history, case law, protected classes and the process through which complaints are filed and processed and penalties assessed. The course is interactive, utilizing video and discussion to explore current trends with regards to online activity and fair housing issues.


Leadership & Negotiations

Title:  Effective Negotiations for Real Estate Professionals (C000772)

Topic:  Industry Related Issues  Credit Type:  Elective (8 Hours)

This course will give you tools and tactics to improve your effectiveness in any negotiation to consistently facilitate the best outcomes for your clients, even under pressure. You’ll discover and practice techniques for client counseling and advocacy, as well as the art of influence and persuasion. In addition to the principles and phases of effective negotiation, topics include dealing with deadlock and difficult negotiators, multi-party negotiations, cultural influences and the role of electronics in today’s connected world. Also counts as an ABR elective.


Title:  Leadership Essentials for Volunteers in REALTOR Associations (C000793)

Topic:  Other  Credit Type: (Elective – 1 Hour)

The relentless pace of change and extraordinary challenge of the past decade within the real estate industry created unique opportunities for learning and growth within the REALTOR community. This highly engaging hour explores how to build powerful, authentic volunteer leadership during a period of transition. As the industry continues to rapidly evolve, it will be critical to have a solid framework in place to engage Association members and to identify and develop the core Leadership traits necessary to frame a solid future of service and professionalism through our members to the broader community



Title:  Code of Ethics:  Our Promise of Professionalism (C002360)

Topic:  REALTOR Code of Ethics  Credit Type:  Real Estate Ethics (3Hours)

The REALTOR Code of Ethics is discussed in detail.  The course is updated to include recent relevant emerging topics such as online conduct, fair housing, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) and actual professional standards cases.  The course is interactive and allows students to interact and engage through quizzes, video and focused exercises. A very interesting and engaging 360 perspective of the Code from its historical roots to present day relevance.


Smart Growth

Title: Placemaking:  Re-thinking the Nature of Environment (C000792)

Topic:  Smart Growth/Land Use  Credit Type:  (Elective – Residential/Commercial – 1 Hour)

Exploring the role of Placemaking in community engagement and development.  REALTORS and professionals interested in community planning and revitalization will be challenged to a conversation about what makes communities places where people want to make ‘home’.


*Updated to reflect offerings current on CE Marketplace through the 2018 cycle.  Please check back as new course work and programming is in development.  Contact:  616-791-0511 or email:  lola@audurealestate.com.  Visit LASPEAKING.com for additional information on workshops and programs offered by Lola Audu.