Cascade Twp Summer 2015

With 60 new listings in June, the number of active listings in CascadeTownship reached a 2 year high, tempting us to believe that the inventory crisis is over in this area. But the recent inventory bump was swiftly met with increasing demand, bringing those numbers crashing back down to the current reality of less than 2 months of inventory. Homes do tend to stay on the market longer in this area but that’s to be expected where you find many high end homes.

The average sold price last month was nearly $380k, so it’s no surprise that those Sellers may have to wait a little longer to find for the right Buyer. Demand is expected to stay high through the summer in keeping with seasonal trends. Potential Sellers who are looking for a good time to sell would do well to list their homes now. There should be plenty of demand with families looking to buy before the start of a new school year.

Cascade Township Capture