27 Questions to Ask Your Home Builder

27 Questions to Ask Your Builder Before You Build:

Although this is not an exhaustive list, these questions will help most buyers to gain a better understanding of the home building process and to have a basis for selecting a builder who may best suit their particular needs.  You may have specific situations which pertain to you.  Contact us at 616-791-0511 for additional information or for assistance with arranging a preliminary meeting.

1.  Do you have a list of references who I can talk to?

2.  Can you provide a tour of homes which you have built?

3.  Will you provide architectural renderings?  If so, who is responsible for any modifications?

4.  How long have you been building homes?

5.  Are you involved in any legal actions which may adversely impact the ownership of my home?

6.  Do you own any lots?

7.  Are they(the lots) fully developed?  Who is responsible for paying for the cost of prepping the lot for building?

8.  Are all your contractors and subcontractors fully licensed?

9.  Will you provide a warranty on the construction of my new home?  If so, for how long?

10. Are you a member in good standing of the local home builders association?

11.  How long do you anticipate construction will take for the type of home that I will be building?

12.  Will I be allowed to visit the site during construction?

13.  If there are delays in construction, who will be responsible for any resulting cost over-runs?

14.  Will I be informed of periodic inspections/appraisals of the project as construction progresses?

15.  What is your procedure to deal with any concerns that I may have during the process?

16.  Will I be able to choose decor features and other materials within my home?

17.  Do you have a design consultant on staff or one which you recommend?

18.  How are building and/or design allowances handled?

19.  What are the allowances for:  ex. appliances, flooring, tile, fixtures etc.

20.  What is your procedure for processing change orders?

21.  Can you give me an estimate of my out of pocket costs based on a signed contract?

22.  Do you provide construction financing?  If you do, what are your terms & conditions?

23.  When does my earnest deposit become non-refundable and under what conditions?

24.  How will you update me about the progress of my new home construction?

25.  Will I be able to have a final walk through after construction is complete?

26.  What is the procedure for addressing any issues which arise out of the final walk through?

27.  What are the best numbers and times to reach you?