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Spring 2014 Real Estate Market Update for West Michigan

So, what does the Spring Market look like in West Michigan – Grand Rapids? Well, in a nutshell…it’s interesting! My go to word when things are unexpected, don’t quite fit into the routine and operate outside of established or expected norms. Interesting, this Spring means unexpectedly low inventory levels. Normally, there’s a significant uptick in […]

Buying a Short Sale Property in West Michigan

Purchasing a new home is one of the most exciting experiences an individual or family can have.  If you’ve been out of the real estate market for some time, you may be unaware of some dramatic changes in the real estate market landscape. In today’s market, there are some unique situations which home buyers should […]

Smart Homes for Thoughtful People ~ Featuring Heartland Builders

For the past few days, we’ve been hearing birds singing in the morning.  They can’t be wrong about Spring can they?  It must be around the corner even though these mountains of snow seem to be taking forever to melt!  Another ritual of Spring for the real estate community is the prospect of building a […]

Focus – Lessons on Living Life Well.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Focus.  And the way our focus impacts our lives.  Focus is a magnifier.  It enlarges whatever it is directed towards.  Focus also is an attractor.  It brings to us whatever we pay attention to. Focus is not just a mental activity.  It incorporates just about every dimension of our being.  And, it’s […]